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eri curry_thin beef omelette

I went out with friends last week and we chose to eat at Eri Curry in SM Megamall. I never thought that their menu would be curry alone. I was never a fan of curry because most curry dishes I’ve tasted was too strong. But I was shy to walk out from the restaurant so we ordered anyway.

You can customize your curry by indicating the level of spiciness and how much rice do you want. Then you can add toppings if you wish. But I didn’t order from the main curry choices, since I like eggs, I chose in the omelette category – thin sliced beef curry.

I was surprised how big their serving is, the beef is nice and tender, the omelette is perfectly cooked, and for the curry? It’s not as overpowering as I imagined it was actually sweet.

For curry lovers out there I am sure you are going to appreciate their offerings. I just find their place small. I am excited to try one spicy level up next time with beau and see what he thinks.

Eri Curry (Facebook)
3rd Floor, SM Megamall Atrium

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