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Do you have a lot of single eye shadows, blushes, or bronzers?

Is your vanity cluttered with all your cosmetics?

I have the answer for you…

Introducing Customizable Cosmetic Palette by Wild Peach Cosmetics

Wild Peach Cosmetics

Professional Palette with window

I have always had a problem carrying around cosmetics in different containers. Sometimes I tend to bring more because I am fickle minded when it comes to make up and when I saw this genius invention, I know my problem is solved.

My order came very quick, Charleen of Wild Cosmetics, emailed me that I shall expect my package that day or latest the next.

When I close my email, the package arrived.

Wild Peach Cosmetics

It was marked as fragile and was placed in a bubble wrap.

Wild Peach Cosmetics

And is also wrapped in a yellow cloth which reminds me of a traditional lunch kit.

But what is this customizable palette?

The wild peach palette is a customizable magnetic case that is designed to allow you the freedom to mix and match your favorite cosmetic products and accessories into one compact
By using this palette, you will not only lessen your clutter but save more money and save the environment as well with the reduction of your use of unnecessary packaging.
it doesn’t matter what brand or shape you choose to use. Just depot, stick, and create your palette.

Customizable Palette

You can place refills or you can depot your existing single cosmetics with bulky packaging. I probably be putting random face products here.

Customizable Palette

I got the large palette with clear window, they also call this as the professional palette. The size of this is 8.38″ x 6.03″ x 0.68″; it also comes with a special adhesives (magnetic) which we can use.

I like the window in it because you can see through what’s inside. And if you are traveling this is your perfect buddy. You can interchange the content according to your preference.

They also have a smaller version of this – Personal palette with mirror in different four designs.

I wish they will come up with other colors or design for the large palette. But I am happy with black it looks professional.

I am excited to assemble this and I can’t wait to show it to you.

To know more about wild peach you may check their website,; their Facebook page,

You will be able to explore more products and tips on how to depot and assemble your palette.

The large palette costs Php550 while the small one costs Php280 (excluding shipping fee).

Happy Friday everyone!

Sammy xx

P.S. Remote blogging 🙂  TGIF!

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