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in2it eyebrow colour

in2it waterproof eyebrow colourI heard a lot of rave about this product and it is always out of stock whenever I try to buy it. Luckily my instinct was right to ask if they have stocks that time. THEY HAVE! And it is on sale.

So now I am one the thousands who like this product. Ask me why?

—- WHY? —-


in2it back coverI would say that the packaging is straight forward “hey, I am a brow powder”. It does not look flimsy and it has a brush and a small mirror.

It’s funny that the directions stated on the back says “eyelid” instead of “eyebrows” maybe it’s a typo error.

It is made in Thailand too. It contains vitamin E but on the contrary, it has Methylparaben and Propylparaben so if you are cautious about those ingredients this might be an issue.

It is very pigmented even the lightest color is seen. It is very easy to apply and it stays all day.

It is waterproof and sweat proof UNLESS you wipe it off.

So far, I am loving it.





I find it tricky and time consuming if you will use a powder to do your brows, but it gives the most precise definition and natural finish. I don’t mind adding another 10 minutes to my makeup routine.

By the way, I used a longer angled brush for this and a spooly brush to blend the harsh lines.


That’s it for a quick overview of this product. Let me know if you’ll rant or rave this product.



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