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Another late review posting for me…

This is one product that I share with my brother and my boyfriend. It’s funny how blackheads and white heads bug them too but there is no product available in the market that will make them manly enough to pick it.

I use to buy Nose Strips {read Glam Works Review Here} but since I shared this with them I need to find something affordable for the rest of us.

This is the only nose pack I’ve seen in the market. If you do not know nose packs, it’s a glue-like product you put on your nose to pull out black/white heads.


It is a solution that is effective in removing whiteheads and blackheads, eliminate deep-seated dirt and other impurities. It minimizes the pores and excess oil.

Wash face. Amply ample amount of iWhite Nose Pack  on your nose and spread evenly. Wait for 15 minutes or until it dries; peel from the base of the nose up. For best result use 2 – 4 times a week.

Active Ingredients
Mulberry Root Extract, Panax Ginseng Root, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Vitamins A, C, E

Packaging: The design is simple once you see it in shelves your eyes will think that it is just another beauty product unless you are specifically looking for it. I met a problem with its structure, the product leaks. Picture 009

There was a foil seal when you first open the product. Since the product is runny once it is placed top-faced down it tends to overflow.  They can make the tube/bottle the other way around.

Scent & Texture: The product smells nice and clean. You will definitely feel that it will do good to your skin. The consistency is runny but just enough to spread the product evenly.

Experience & Efficacy: This nose pack met my expectations. I can say that it removes 80 – 90% of white/blackheads;  if you do it right it will remove 99.9% of it. Amazing isn’t it? tiled

It’s a little painful when you are pulling it but tolerable. I suggest pulling it slowly so the white/black heads will come out properly otherwise it’ll stay on your pores. It’s a little itchy afterwards but it will subside.

The brother and the boyfriend looked  funny when they pull it out. haha (Guys are vain!!) I wish I took photos of them (maybe next time)

To Summarize, this nose pack from iWhite Korea is:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • It does remove white/black heads
  • Locally available
  • Can be shared to your siblings

Any dislikes?

  • The product overflow only I feel the product is wasted if it leaks. Well sure it does.

Will I repurchase? YES!

Steam your face to open the pores. If you do not have steamer at home you can still steam your face by filling a basin with hot water and hold your face over it for 1 – 3 minutes. To maximize the steam you may wish to cover your head with a towel. [This will clean your sinus as well if you have colds, just add a vapor rub]

Nonetheless a trip to your facial salon will help you vanish them in no time.


Are you annoyed with your white/blackheads too? What is your remedy? Share it below my boys would love it.


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