Just My Luck – Glaminar Makeup Artistry 1K Gift Certificate

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Office and hobby email is quiet confusing to check. Even SNS notifications, it takes all my time.

When I logged in this morning, I have a PM from Nicole. She said I won from My Lucid Intervals Giveaway. The message was 30 minutes ago, I replied asking where did she saw my name. After a while she said she was following Donna and Celine’s blog and saw the winners.

So she won 1,000 worth of Gift Certificate to attend a makeup workshop via Glaminar Makeup Artistry. How cool is that?

Digging my Google Reader to check out Donna’s Blog, her latest entry was the about the winners too.

I saw my name.

*banana dance* 

I sent her an email and she replied that she will forward my number to Ms. Myla. I am excited to attend the workshop.

This will be the first cosmetic related workshop I will attend. Remembering the last one was about Basic Photography.

I like workshops because the approach is intimate not classroom set up.

I will contact Nicole and Ms. Myla to schedule as we agreed to go together.

I will keep you posted.

To know more about the workshop, please click the Glaminar’s link I created in this post to be redirected. And don’t forget to visit the other girls’ blog too.


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