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I love everything for convenience. I got hooked with recent last mile services because of my office schedule. I stay late in the office and sleep during the weekend so even if I literally have time to go out, I choose not too.

When I first tried Honestbee, I purchased replenishment of my toiletries. I was surprised to see their growing roster of partners. My first ever blog sponsor Milea Organics is with them. They also have the following: 

  1. S&R Membership Shopping
  2. Robinsons Supermarket
  3. Farmer’s Market
  4. Southstar Drug
  5. Mustela
  6. Sally’s Kakanin
  7. Chef Tony
  8. Meat Depot
  9. Fresh Options
  10. Pampanga’s Best
  11. Dogs in the City
  12. Designer Blooms
  13. Farmer’s Flower Shop
  14. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
  15. Buds Organics
  16. La Petite Parisienne
  17. Balai Pandesal
  18. Chili Asylum
  19. Brews Co
  20. Tooth Fairy
  21. Fruits in Bloom
  22. Jipan
  23. Healthy Family
  24. The Craft Central 

And I am sure more to come. I have only tried their service thrice but I am satisfied both CX and UX, my eCommerce friends here will get it. I haven’t mentioned their food partners yet which is also growing. 

How to use Honestbee

Simply download the app, sign up, browse like you would on other apps. Change quantity if you need too, check out, and choose your payment method, delivery time, and delivery address. 

It’s simple. Mind you that the stores items (SKU) are not mixed up. It’s totaled as one but you have to choose every item per store. The bees who will deliver might be different from each store too. 

They have Cash on Delivery and Credit Card options. 

Anyway, I know you come here for the Chap Chae recipe. 

Honestbee Delivery
Delivery Bees

Chap Chae Ingredients

McCormick Chap Chae
McCormick Noodle and Seasoning Mix
Korean Soy Sauce_Sesame Oil
Korean Soy Sauce and Sesame Oil
shitake _carrots
Shiitake Mushrooms and Carrots
Spinach Leaves

And Sirloin. I did not take a photo because raw meat is not appetizing. haha

How to cook Chap Chae

I actually just followed the instructions at the back of the McCormick package. The package includes sweet potato noodles, seasoning mix, and sesame oil. It serves 2-3 persons per package. 

Start by marinating the sirloin in soy sauce, brown rice vinegar, sesame oil, and honey. I sauteed the vegetable one by one. Fried the sirloin (do not overcook sirloin, I made a mistake for overcooking it)

My quantity for veggies went overboard. lol I added extra honey to the seasoning mixed cause it’s too salty for me. It was easy and surprisingly tasty.

Chap Chae Recipe

Have you tried other ways of doing this? 

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