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SYDNEY, Oct. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Considering the growing skepticism around the spread of new COVID virus variants, and the ensuing effect on the monetary policy stance across the globe, investors became wary of choices, and decisions around investment are looked at in a different way.

Kalkine’s Sector Research provides insights on varied industry dynamics, demand-supply scenarios, macro-economic environment, commodity cycles, technology innovations, climatic changes, and potential factors impacting the business models.

For instance, recently covered themes in Kalkine’s Sector Research include an uptrend in electric vehicles and energy storage market, booming e-commerce, and the Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) sector amidst the lockdowns and mobility restrictions, data-driven companies investing deeply in artificial intelligence. A swift change in consumer preferences and omnichannel initiatives by retailers elated online sales. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, online sales peaked in November 2020 reaching AUD3.63 billion. The online shopping trend braced the BNPL sector with top banking institutions entering the market.

Notably, BNPL and fintech stocks have surpassed the market index as ASX All Technology Index outperformed the ASX 200 Index in the past year by ~5.41%, while Consumer Discretionary sector caught investor attention outpacing the broader index with ~7.75% gains as on 1st October 2021 (Source: REFINITIV).

Recently, Lithium Market witnessed Bullish Trend as the global demand for lithium carbonate equivalent is forecasted to reach 452k tonnes in 2021 (from 305k tonnes in 2020), according to the Department of Industry, Science, Energy, and Resources.

Given this backdrop, Kalkine’s Sector Research aims to cover:

  • Top Trending Themes: Insights on Sectors such as Lithium, Uranium, BNPL, Fintech, Clean Energy, Hydrogen, Electric Vehicles, Biotechnology, Robotics, IT, and Automation.
  • Opportunities with Sustainable Vision: The sector selection strategy with medium to long-term vision with potential to provide abundant opportunity areas.
  • Fundamental Checks: A balance of conservative yet aggressive approach is followed. The companies with strong fundamentals having a convincing profitability track record, ROE, and cash flow generation capability, sound corporate governance, and prudent management are generally considered.
  • Benefits of Diversification: Typically, sector diversification helps mitigate the market risks and act as one of the critical proponents of passive capital management.

To summarize, Kalkine’s sector research is easy to comprehend with deep insights on opportunities after an overall assessment of the global demand and supply scenario, recent events, sector trends, outlook, and risks, etc.

Media contact: honey.bhargava@kalkine.com.au

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