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Cheers for a new month, time really flies very fast these days isn’t it?

What did you do yesterday? I spent the whole day sleeping and dancing to my Fitnesse Urban pop star CD, I am a ‘little’ serious burning my fat away.


I’ve been liking mineral veils lately ever since I got magnificent results from my V&M Minerals Invincible Phase Mineral Veil in Lucid so when I finally used the gift certificate from Krave *check haul here* I got there mineral veil also for me to compare it with my current one.


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Oryza Sativa (Rice) powder, Mica, Zinc Oxide, Silica, Rosehip Extract, Camauba Wax.

MAY CONTAIN:  Titanium Oxide, Chromium Oxide, Green

Net Weight:

6 grams / 0.21 ounce




Online and from Krave Distributors Nationwide


Read Production Description below:



The tag line Pinkish Finish, Regenerating, Healing, and Soothing caught my attention. This product also highlighted Rose Hips and Kosher Rice Extracts. What does it do to the skin? Let me define the skin benefits first.

I first heard Rose Hips over Shop TV where it will remove your scars upon applying its oil to your skin, my mom purchased it but nothing happened. LOL Rose Hips are known to it regeneration properties, it heals skin imperfections, and has anti-aging properties. It also contains Bioflavonoids which maintains the capillaries in our body.

While Kosher Rice has anti-aging properties also, helps in healing, and fills in fine lines and wrinkle on the face. It absorbs oil too, giving your skin a healthy porcelain finish.

No wonder it is added in mineral veils because of its skin benefits.


I find the packaging cute and unique. Its size is perfect for your on-the-go purse and it has a built in mirror. Clever isn’t it?


It also comes with a built-in sponge so you can apply the product directly to your face.




The powder is pink and the texture is a little rough, maybe because of the rice powder. Cornstarch has a finer texture than this one.


But don’t you worry the powder is transparent once you apply it.


  • All natural products Thumbs up

  • Controls oil up to 6 hours (in air-conditioned room) Thumbs up

  • Translucent coverage – you may want to use a concealer to cover imperfections

  • A little rough Thinking smile

  • The packaging may not be hygienic, you need to wash it regularly. Thinking smileTIP: You don’t have to remove the entire sponge, there’s an outer covering that you can remove.

  • Expensive for a mineral veil Surprised smile

  • Not available offline  Thinking smile

  • Does not break me out Thumbs up

I am using this mineral veil everyday and I do not have to retouch after my shift. Most of the time after my sunscreen I put this over. I let my skin breathe, I don’t wear makeup if I don’t have to, that’s the best thing I could do to my skin.

But this mineral veil is expensive to be a staple in your daily makeup kit. Pressed powder and oil blotting paper still do the trick for majority, even to me.

My overall verdict would be neutral.

What do you think of mineral veils? Do we really need to own one?


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