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My search for a darker foundation always lead to a different buy.

I was at the L.A. Girls counter in Watsons Megamall and I saw this Gel Liner. The SA said it’s new so I take a look and yes, bought it.

I became an impulsive buyer because of this blog. hahaha

It’s Php202.00 (If I am right, LOL) | 3 grams | Available in L.A. Girls USA Counter

Gel 722 | Very Black

I like the packaging and it comes with a brush.

It looks more of a cream to me but it’s my first gel liner so I cannot compare.

The brush is more of a lip brush that a liner brush so I still use my angled brush to apply this.

So far it’s still okay not dry after two months. I used this for five times only. I still go with my pencil or liquid pen liner when in a hurry.

With gels you cannot apply it without a brush, so for me hassle.

The swatch is very black once dried it won’t smudge and I tried spraying it with water it’s waterproof.


  • Reasonable Price
  • Does not smudge
  • Does not dry immediately
  • You will get a lot of product for Php200+


  • Comes with a not-so-good brush
  • Usually out of stock
  • Comes in one color (black) as of the moment

I am still in a search for inexpensive but high quality liners. I will rate this 4/5 🙂

Can you suggest gel liners available from local beauty counters?


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