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Happy Friday everyone! Another lipstick feature for you.

I am currently uploading my first makeup video and it sucks. hahaha I hope you will still like me despite my ‘epic fail’ attempt to film a makeup video. I promise to improve and allot sufficient time for that. I am just really busy at the office, event is on March. I need to put my heart and soul to it (or else my boss might fire me) 

Anyway, here’s my lipstick of the day, L.A. Girl U.S.A . It’s only PHP99 and available in all Watsons and L.A. Girl USA counter inside the department store.

LA Girls USA Lipstick 1 If I remember correctly I read this through The Bargain’s Doll Blog and the color looks good on her.

This is a cute pink color with a vanilla scent to it. It’s a little waxy for me and it does not moisturize my dry lips. If I apply lip balm first I will end up having no pigments on my lips at all. It is more like a tinted lip balm for me.

As for the swatches…

LA Girls USA Lipstick swatch

It looks cute. But this is not the lipstick that I will grab for a daily basis.

What do you think ladies?

I got to go.


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