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If you can remember my blog experienced photo uploading process late December to early January. I have a lot of back log post then and there are post that was forgotten to be uploaded.

I am talking about the W1N International Launching I attended last December 15, 2012 (So yesterday huh?). They launched new beauty and wellness products and opened their office in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. W1N is one of the newest player in multi-level marketing or what we know networking.

We are a little skeptical when we hear the word “networking” because we are bombarded with ideas like scam and other money related issues.

But W1N takes pride as they don’t just want to focus with the “networking” side of their business. They want to promote their product line, similar to direct selling base on my understanding. What’s unique about them is that they manufacture their own products. If you are familiar with KSA Magic they are the ones who manufactures the product line.

Here are the beauty products they offer called LeVon.

  1. LeVon Magic Scrub
  2. LeVon 2-in-1 Soap (Kojic + Glutathione)
  3. Levon 3-in-1 Soap (Kojic + Glutathione + Calamansi)
  4. LeVon Feminine Bar
  5. LeVon 8-in-1 Hair Essentials
  6. LeVon Magic Facial Cleanser
  7. LeVon Magic Lightening Cream
  8. LeVon Glutathione Lotion with Moringa (SPF 20)
  9. LeVon Perfumed Stress Reliever

And then their Wellness Products as well as drinks and supplements.

  1. Winners’ Barley with Guyabano
  2. Winners’ Glutathione
  3. Winners’ Cee (Calcium Ascorbate
  4. Winners’ Choice 10-in-1 Coffee
  5. Winners’ Choice 10-in-1 Choco Drink
  6. Winners’ Choice 4-in-1 Juice Drink

I have tried the Feminine Bar and the Shampoo (I ran out) and now I am using their Lotion with Moringa. I am still road testing all the products so expect an review.

I like how they don’t super persuade people to member and just encourage to try the products.

I myself will apply for membership for self consuming purposes (LOL) because I liked the products. My father-in-law liked the Barley with Guyabano. If you are a member you can avail big discounts and other promotions too.

As for the networking side, I know that I am not good at it so I am skipping that part.

I am proud to write this as more Filipino Products are being recognized in the market because of its quality.

I promise to give reviews on everything I’ve tried as I gave the other soaps to my mother-in-law.

Check out W1N contact details below.

W1N International is located at 2701 Tycoon Center, Ortigas Center, San Antonio, Pasig City.

Visit (Official Site) (Blog)  for more information. Follow W1N International on Facebook ( and Twitter ( to be updated on their latest products and promos.

P.S. I am in the midst of preparing the International Cable convention happening on March 19 – 22 at the SMX Convention Center so I might be missing in action. Rest assured that I will be updating everyone in my social media account.

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