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Last month new friend from Sri Lanka visited Philippines to close a deal about a technology on Cable Television Industry. He brought us something from his country.


What I’ve hear Sri Lanka formerly Ceylon, is known for their finest teas. Ceylon Tea is renowned for its richness, full flavor, delightful bouquet and real tea character. Only strength & Tone vary, depending on the elevation of tea gardens above sea level in low, mid, and high grown regions. Each region has its own distinctive character. Dilmah tea tasters pick only the best of the crop and package it at source, to capture the quality & freshness that Dilmah is renowned for.


First box contains the following tea variants:

  • Afternoon Breakfast Tea
  • Irish Breakfast Tea Thumbs up
  • Ceylon Supreme Tea
  • Jasmine Petals
  • Sencha
  • Earl Grey Tea Thumbs up
  • Darjeeling Tea
  • English Breakfast Tea

I placed a thumbs up for the teas I’ve tried.


The second box contains more playful fruit variants:

  • Pear & Orange
  • Blueberry Vanilla
  • Lemon
  • Blackcurrant
  • Mint
  • Caramel
  • Peach
  • Mango & Strawberry

They all smell divine. I am not really a tea drinker but I appreciate a good cup. I love Earl Grey Tea with warm milk and these teas were exceptional. When they said that they are known for high quality teas you got to believe them.

Both coffee and tea have caffeine in it but tea relaxes me more than coffee that oftentimes makes me anxious.

Oh well I have a lot drink. Winking smile



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