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I was looking for a cover ups last night and ended up eating. Batting Eyelashes


We found this The Sandwich Guy in SM City North EDSA The Block. For a change as we always eat Subway for sandwiches. We ordered Barbeque Chicken (Php 85) and Ultimate Roast Beef (Php 110). We also ordered Chili con Carne potatoes (Php 85) and Spaghetti (Php 80).

Let’s take a look of the photos I took.

Chicken Barbeque

The loaf is unique it’s hexagonal, it was toast just right.  The chicken is tender, the barbecue sauce is delicious, and the veggies were fresh. Thumbs-up The Ultimate roast beef was also delicious according to my eating buddy. Open-mouthed


The pasta part was sad because the pasta absorbed all the sauce and maybe because I ate Spaghetti last Sunday and Monday as well. I do not know why I still ordered pasta. Also it was cooked in microwave oven. Sad 

Chili con carne potatoes

Trying something unique…. His taste buds were constructed for Chili con Carne (he always order something similar). This is my first time to eat potatoes with Chili con Carne and cheese on top, this is delicious. Thumbs-up 

Oh it’s almost lunch time here in Manila we will have Cake2Go for desert later (which I will blog ASAP, you got me so inspired fellow readers).

So until my next food date,


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