V&M On Coal 24/7 soap

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V&M On Coal 24/7

Boo for the old watermark. I processed this photo months before and I over written the original file. (sucker!)

Anyhow I just finished this bar and I just want to share my thoughts to you everyone.

V&M On Coal Soap

This soap is included in my V&M Summer Calling at Mod Lei haul. Justin of V&M is highly recommending this product and knowing the benefits of Charcoal I gave it a try.

Charcoal soap

As usual I am blown away with the all natural ingredients. Though you can use it for the face I used it as my bath soap.

The Thumbs Up

  • Enough suds
  • No smell
  • Leaves the skin squeaky clean
  • Cleared my insect bites (used with Emu Oil every night)

The Thumbs Down

  • It’s a little rough when used directly on the skin. I think they were charcoal chunks. Make a lather on the hands first before spreading to the whole body to prevent scratches


  • Cut in several pieces to maximize usage


  • Yes. But I will try the CPC+G or the Lulur soap first before using this again.

Other Information

So there you go for a quick feature. What’s your current bath soap?


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