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Good morning!

I wasn’t able to post yesterday because I was swimming around with my yuppie bosses. The connection inside my room changed also so I thought I just need to sleep.

Today I will be sharing another quick review on this cute sponge. I want to name it “beauty blender” but it is not so might as well label it as a special cut sponge. Sounds weird but anyway….

I got this as a pasalubong from my boyfriend when he went to Hong Kong. Actually I asked him to get one for me because I’ve seen a lot of people using this to apply foundation.


He got this from Sasa, we all know that Sasa is like the Watsons here in the Philippines. It costs HK$28 approximately PHP140. According to boyfriend the SA said that this is use for the lips.


It says LIPOSH but I cannot understand and Chinese character at the packaging. If you’ll ask me, I don’t really follow (strictly) the actual usage of each product because they are pretty flexible.


My main purpose of having this is for foundation as well.


This stands around two and a half inches and its very soft. When I first used this and cleaned it, I was surprise on how it absorbs water. It’s seems that it has a catch basin in the middle, it traps water and feels bloated. You need a good squeeze in order to remove the water and dry it easily.

On application of liquid products using this I didn’t see any difference as against to other sponges. But what makes this efficient is the shape; because it can go to the hard to reach corners of the face – around the nose and contours of the eyes.

What I like more is when I over applied a cream/liquid product, I use this to tamed the product I put. It can blend the product well without actually removing it.

The only thing that I don’t like is that it absorbs more product than brushes (and fingers). This is best used to blend harsh streaks of product on the face.

I wonder how it will work for the lips because this is not rough to be used on exfoliation.

Overall, I like this so much. I am planning to get couple more in different colors and sizes so I can swap every usage and prevent it for being worn out fast.

I am still planning to get the original beauty blender to compare but as of now I will stick to this.

I hope I could a similar product in cheaper price here.

Do you know where?


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