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This is an overdue post, obviously it is not holiday anymore, but luckily this one is still available if you want one.

I am just going to give you a quick overview about them.

sparkling blush

Sparkling Peach

Sparkling Pink

sparkling warm rose-com

Sparling mauve

rich ruby

The packaging looks classy and festive. It’s black and has a gold accent to it. It looks like their other line of lipsticks they have.

The formula has sparkles in it making it look frosted/metallic when applied. Although it has different colors they all look like me.

The pigmentation did not impress me except for sparkling blush.

As for longevity, once you drink or eat it will transfer, so you need to reapply.

Overall, the lipstick is a nice addition to your collection, but if you are not a fan of anything shiny you can give this a pass.

I have to say I love matte lip products more.

So that’s it for my quick post. I am slowly getting back to my system blogging again. I hope you guys don’t mind.

Have a happy day!


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