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It was a lazy evening after the election and I decided to buy a DIY color set and just this Sunday I used it. Let me show you the product first.


Php239.75 | SM Department Stores or Watsons

I chose Golden Blonde – their lightest color.

Product Description:IMG_0563


The packaging is complete with details such as precaution and allergy test.



I also like the photo illustration of the possible color result on your hair.

Inside you will find the following…


  1. Lolane Z-cool Color Cream C29 50 grams
  2. Lolane Cream Developer 9%
  3. Lolane Natural Hair Treatment for nourishing & hair care
  4. A pair of gloves
  5. A brush
  6. A plastic coloring cape
  7. A mixing tray

The instructions/directions are printed inside the box. IMG_0723

Let’s go to my coloring shall we?

My hair is originally like this…


Quick Hair Color History

  1. Color & Highlights (Chestnut Brown / Golden Yellow) – December 2011
  2. Richenna DIY Hair Color (Light Blonde) – December 2012
  3. Digital Perm – February 2013

I need to tell you my hair treatment story so you’ll have an idea about the final output because most probably we’ll definitely have a different result.

Let’s start!


I mixed the color cream and the color developer cream in the mixing tray included. I wore the cape and my sister  wore the gloves.


After mixing the product, it will look like the photo above. IMG_0722

My sister did the application as I cannot see my back. She sectioned my hair into three.



And this is how my hair looks like after putting the mixture all over my hair.

After 45 minutes I rinsed it with water and re-applied the remaining mixture at the tips as I want the color to be concentrated there.

After 20 more minutes I rinsed it with shampoo and applied the leave-on included in the kit.

*The instruction says 30 minutes only*

Since my hair is ‘perm-ed’ I cannot use the blow dryer without diffuser, so I air dried it.

Here’s the final resultIMG_0750


Photo taken outdoor with sunlight

Hair ColorComparative photo

The Thumbs Up

  • Affordable Prize
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Complete Paraphernalia
  • Smells nice compare to other coloring kit which you can smell how harsh the developer is
  • Less Hair Fall
  • The bubbles and water were color less when you rinse it – AMAZING!!
  • Does not stain on skin, clothes, and scalp
  • Vibrant result especially outdoor

The Thumbs Down

  • Limited Color Selection
  • For me the kit contains less product, I mean for longer and thicker hair, you’ll run out of mixture

Overall, I really like this kit compare to the foaming coloring kit in the market now. You’ll be able to apply the product precisely because of the brush and you don’t have to worry about the ‘color-after’ stains.

The result varies from hair to hair, since my hair had experienced several coloring and treatment from the past, the color/chemical easily adheres to my hair (and looks unhealthy). It’d actually mixed up with my fading hair color giving it a deep brown result. Though I did not achieve the color that I want I am happy with the compliments I received.

Will post indoor FOTD soon because I think my skin got lighter with my current hair color.

There you go gals (guys) I hope you will find this post more useful than my Richenna Post. LOL

AND PLEASE, condition and moisturize your hair regularly using products suitable for your hair situation. You don’t want to lose your crowning glory. 

Have you done your own DIY Hair Coloring?


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