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Loreal Powder Lipstick

Plum Blossom // P350 // L’oreal Beauty Counters Nationwide

Powder lipstick became popular lately as everyone is still obsessed with matte lip products. When I heard powder my first reaction was “Seriously? For the lips?” I took my time not to gave in with the hype, but knowing myself, I am just a weakling for new makeups.

The packaging is sleek and slim, it can fit your purse like a pen. The color gradient in its packaging gives an idea of how the real color would look like.

Loreal Powder Lipstick applicator

Its applicator is like a tiny beauty blender with a handle. The product is pact in the cap so every time you dip in, you’ll get the product.

The smell is amazing, it’s the usual L’oreal lip product smell.As for the swatch, it’s highly pigmented and yes, transfer proof.

It’s available in eight different colors including your pink, mauve, orange, and plum.

Loreal Powder Lipstick swatch

Loreal Lips

I have dry lip though, that is why the cracks show up. I advice lip balm first, let it set before using this. You may even exfoliate your lips beforehand too.

Have you tried powder lipsticks?

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