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My love for matte lip products never ends. Also from last month, I purchased this extra soft matte lipstick from L’oreal on sale.

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Actually, I was eyeing for the lipstick in the poster, but this was given to me. The SA said it was just the printing which made the lips color darker. Opera Amaranth is a fluorescent pink, some will describe this as Nicki Minaj pink. It has a cool undertone, great statement lip color for those who loves to wear them.

The packaging is elegant, I will say its size is similar to the other matter lip colors available in the market now. It’s elegant and you’ll see the color swatch from the tube. It smells nice, musky perfume like.

Quezon City / Metro Manila / Philippines - 2/1/16

At first, it is glossy, it takes a while to dry matte. It’s moisturizing too. I like its color pay off. Without eating it will last up to 3-6 hours, cut the longevity in half if you will eat.

Quezon City / Metro Manila / Philippines - 2/1/16

At the end of the day, this is how my lips looked like.

Pasig City / Metro Manila / Philippines - 2/1/16

I ate lunch and snack, then brushed my teeth afterwards. You will notice pigments in the around the lips and the color is totally gone.

For most lipsticks, I believe they are made to be retouched frequently. I am more of the color pay off girl versus its longevity.

P.S. Please excuse the swatch photos, I used my phone. 

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