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Happy Friday!


It has been five days after my event;  after preparing it for a year the event went by so fast. Now I am doing the post event report and eventually will start preparing for this again for 2015. In organizing this annual convention became automatic for me, making events a piece of cake. JK!

I am giddy because of the many amount of likes of my recent photo on Facebook. Almost everyone told me that I lost weight, I haven’t checked the scale for a while now but I stopped my steroids.

I weigh 65 kilograms and for my height I am really overweight. I am not motivated because when I do exercise and become tired, my asthma is triggered. Losing weight was not really a priority, even if I already feel bad about how I look.

Something came up and I did the following:

July 2013

I purchased the pro version of the Daily Yoga App. I’ve always fallen in love with yoga and it is the least strenuous exercise I can do. I gained a sense of fulfillment every time I perfect a pose.

December 2013

Curves Eastwood had a blogger event and I got to chance to try their Zumba Circuit for a month.

January 2014

I started counting my calories, I drink lemon water or watermelon water every weekend. I enrolled to Diet Diva. I replaced my breakfast sometimes even lunch with Nutrimeal.

I walk going to work, climb the stairs, refrained from Sodas, and yeah continue doing Yoga religiously (everyday as in everyday – 15 to 25 minutes a day).

I followed fitness boards in Pinterest to motivate me.

Then run around our village during weekends.

February and March 2014

I continue to do these tweaks I started. I am not posting about it because I am not satisfied with the result, yet. I told myself that I will review all the things/food I did/ate when visible results became available.

These months were my busiest too, I have my convention, wedding, and a new business.

Here’s a series of photos I managed to combined from 2012 – 2013. 



Current Weight: 60 kilograms

To see this now I became more motivated to continue the journey I started. Being healthy is not about physical appearance alone, it means less sickness, more energy, and a boost of one’s self-esteem.

I am praying for my asthma not to come back anytime soon so I can stay away from steroids. I am excited to share this journey with you as well.

So in my next posts, I will feature the products/services that helped me.

Who’s with me?

Happy Weekend!



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