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I love studying either from books, encyclopedia, or actual classes. I still have this goal in my timeline taking more courses to improve my skills. When I was asked to stalk a workshop from Manila Workshops I stumbled upon their Boss Bella series about blogging.

This is a nice start for me as I just came back after a long hiatus. The workshop was held at Pen Brothers in Makati. I was late! Haha When I entered the room it was almost my turn to introduce myself.

The resource speaker is Ms. Frances Amper Sales the owner of Topaz Horizon Blog. She was passionate about blogging, cheerful, funny, and selfless to share what she had learned in the past 11 years of blogging. Blogging gave her time to do what she loves, which is sharing stories, and at the same time, spend time with her family; she also did earn too.

She said that it all starts with content and the rest will follow. Blogging in the first place, was started by people like us because we love sharing stories. It’s a bonus to receive emails from brands asking to collaborate with you.

Frances shared tips for aspiring bloggers not to commit the same mistakes she did. She said write useful, helpful, and inspiring stories. I agree, I love reading blogs which I can relate to and get helpful tips. She also mentioned to be nice to everybody, with the technology now (screenshotting and messengers) bad behavior can spread.

I realized blogging can change your attitude in general because you learn to be kind, giving, patient, and determine.

  • Kind – by being friendly and nice to other bloggers and brands you meet
  • Giving – by sharing tips and knowledge to aspiring bloggers or just sharing your expertise online/offline
  • Patient – by consistently writing and posting your blog even if you feel no one is reading your articles
  • Determine – that despite all struggles growing your blog, you still do it anyway

Frances also discussed about monetizing the blog, but I think it is best to attend Boss Bella workshops to know more about it.

If you want to be a blogger, try on a free platform first, maybe for a year then get the hang of it. If you didn’t feel obliged and enjoyed doing it, then it is time for you to get serious about it by self-hosting it.

It is kind of technical, but I am willing to help you start a blog just message me on Facebook.

Hope you learned something from this post.

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(L-R) Ginger Arboleda CEO and Founder of Manila Workshops, Me, France Sales of Topaz Horizon Blog

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