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We all work for food, check out the bodies. LOL

To celebrate the success of the recent convention held last March and as a treat to the staff, our convention chairman brought us to Yakimix, The Podium (It’s walking distance from our office)

We ate until we dropped.

Yakimix caters Korean, Japanese, and Cantonese Cuisine. They also have a wide range of deserts for the sweet tooth out there.

When it comes to buffet I only eat what I want to eat so I can say “sulit” (getting more that what you pay for) after. (the explanation sounds very Nido Commercial, LOL)

Shrimps, squids, bacons, korean beef, beef teriyaki, chicken teriyaki, daing na bangus (marinated milk fish), crab sticks >> All fresh and ready to stir fry (is it really stir fry? I am not sure)

Then I ate all the sushis and sashimis I could eat.

Have I mentioned that I love Japanese food so much?

I am quite sad that I didn’t had the chance to eat Shrimp Tempura. Lunch time is crowded I cannot squeeze myself in to get more food and I am full when they refilled it.

I had Blue lemonade for my drink (also my favorite)

Some of you might say that I should try everything but I do not want to end up throwing up, right?

So my rule for buffet, get small portions of everything then come back if you have liked the taste. No one wants to be charged for left overs (that’s 799 per head).

Ugh I am so full.

Until my next food date,


The buffet costs : Lunch Php 520 & Dinner Php 660 

The price varies from branch to branch, am I right?


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