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Last Friday I went to Makati to meet the bosses. We were supposed to head to SMX for the contract signing but they saw some discrepancy so we rescheduled it. We discussed other details instead.

My bosses work for food. We arrived late around 11:45 am after some introduction they asked everyone to have lunch first to fuel our brain.

We went to Greenbelt 2, walking distance from their office and went to Italiannis.

Here are the food we ate.

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup

Since this is a lunch meeting with the boss I am extremely shy to capture photos of the food we ate.

We also ordered Caesar Salad and we have gelato for dessert.

What’s funny about this lunch is that they prank the waiters saying that it’s my birthday.

Though I am not a fan of Italian Cuisine I am teaching myself to eat wide varieties of their food after all it tastes good.

We availed the discount card and next meeting we might dine in to Krazy Garlic. I heard the food is great.

It’s Holiday today Ed’l Ftr and tomorrow is also a holiday so I am staying at home.

Sorry for not updating regularly.


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