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Trying Ribshack for the first time

On the first day of my unemployment, my best friend asked me to go with her at her regular OB-Gyne checkup. We went to Circuit Makati after and had lunch at Ribshack, we chose the place primarily because it is empty on a Tuesday (we want to eat somewhere quiet) and we both want a smoky barbecue that time.

The Look

When you enter the place, it has a rustic, industrial feel – wood, concrete floors and walls, and metal. I appreciate aesthetic because it is relaxing for me. We chose to sit on the couch across the cashier. It is not the typical restaurant where a server will go to you and take your order. Instead, you will go to the counter and order your food.

Ribshack_Circuit MakatiRibshack_Circuit Makati

The Food

The price for the ribs seem reasonable – PHP 180 to PHP 250 for most meals. Their menu is simple, appetizer, main dish, dessert. It was perfectly designed for you to focus on their barbecue. They have pulled pork, ribs, chicken, your basic barbecue finds in places like this. You will then be asked whether you like to have your barbecue in a dry or wet marinade.

The plating of the dish impressed me, it carried out the vibe they have for the place – from a mason jar, enamel mug, baking tin as your plate, and wooden crate like for the tray. I liked it.

Ribshack_Pulled Pork_Circuit Makati

Ribshack Circuit Makati


Final Verdict

The serving is enormous for my pulled pork. I wanted to order extra rice, but I must eat in moderation. The ribs, however, are small for my judgment. They have wonderful sauces to with it, we tried two of their house sauces – Mother Sauce and Carolina, we liked the one with the kick.

The taste is good too, although I find my pulled pork a bit dry, the sauces pulled it off. It was smoky, tender, and seasoned just right. The coleslaw was good too. I was satisfied with my lunch that day and ready for a dessert, but I am a good girl to have skipped it.

Meals are perfect shared with loved ones. I enjoyed my day with my best friend and have breathed fresh air while watching the sunset.

Circuit Makati is a promising place. You can check out Ribshack on the ground floor near the water. Unfortunately, I cannot find any social media accounts for them as a lot of rib houses in the city.

What is your favorite rib place?

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