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Avon Color fold up palette

Hey everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I wished you had a good one. I have been out since last week and I don’t have time to write something substantial.

Anyway, I claimed my Avon December loot and before the year ends I wanna show something that it’s not too late to be on your wishlist. I am talking about the Avon Color Fold Up Palette Palette, which contains 18 eye shadows, 3 blushes, and 18 lip glosses and it has a mirror and applicators too.

Avon Paletter


Avon Palette-open

Let’s take a look at the contents one by one.

Avon_EyeshadowThe colors are perfect for everyday use. It has dark colors too which makes it flexible for night looks. It has pinks, browns, green, purple, and blue.

Unfortunately, they all seem  to have a frosted finish and you cannot tell the difference of the light colors from one another. However for the brown it settles as matte but that is it. Although you can build around the intensity of the colors I wish that this palette had a different finish combination.

I will look good over and eye shadow base.

Other comments: Not chalky.

Avon-BlushI love the blushes include in the palette. They are matte and the color compliments my red undertone-d skin. It has a great color payoff, you can also build the color’s intensity.


It would be better if the third color is a bronzer.

Lip Glosses]I have a mixed emotions for these lip glosses as I am not a fan of them. Since my lips are pigmented to begin with their effect is not seen so it looks like a balm to me.

Darker colors are pigmented and they don’t feel heavy on the lips. They give an additional sheen and color to your lips.

Again this would be better if they really placed lip colors instead as Avon has a great lipstick collection. This palette is a steal, for only PhP699 you get eye shadows, blushes, and lip glosses in a very elegant and sleek casing. We don’t normally see such gorgeous palette like in retail stores that is why I am phrasing it.

The quality is great and perfect for travelling too. For makeup artist out there this can be a quick fix for ambush makeovers or clients.

As for Avon, I hope they’ll provide heavy duty brushes for this or don’t include at all.


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