Makeup pegs for a mini photo shoot


Friendship built through different medium is incomparable. This beauty blogging opened the door for me to meet wonderful people that I knew I could treasure for as long as I live. I was never a social person and I’ve experienced extreme gossip bullying when I was in high school. Now I can say I found my own clique, a world where I truly belong.

Okay enough.

We are planning to do a mini photo shoot/ makeover to build our mini portfolio (and add Facebook album, of course Hot smile). I am going to be with Eya of Eyahnism and Genzel of Genzel Kisses and we are going to do it at Wildlife in Quezon City.

Too far eh?

I live in Laguna, Gen lives in Cavite, and Eya lives in Pasig. Travel time fair enough for the three of us.

Eya will do Gen’s makeup, then I will do Eya’s, and Eya will do mine. Then we’ll take each other’s photo with the foliage surrounding us.

Cool right?

Who wants to join us?

These are some pegs that I saw online.


I remember making an eye makeup illustration for a wedding guest makeup with a motif of green. This was close to my idea.

Photo: See what a difference a bit of purple can make on brown eyes? Discover what you need to get Pina's winning look:

This my idea of summer. This is so me, orange and purple.

For the hair…

Photo: Perfect for everyday wear: Boho Braids. Would you? (Photo: Pinterest) See more chic hairstyles:

Since Eya has a long curly hair, this is perfect for her. But I have no idea how to braid one’s hair. Crying face

I am just too excited about our girl bonding that is why I am posting this. LOL

Do you like my picks?

I will try to do it on my eyes first before trying it to someone. My shaky and sweaty hands forbids me to do makeup for others.

Happy Sunday my loves!

Sammy xx

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the photos above, I copied it online.

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