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Hi gals! I am picking up a habit of focusing my energy into one aspect of my life where I want to succeed. I notice that if I adapt to be Jack I end up being a master of none. My corporate task now is to manage an office at the same time organize the in-house event. I still want to accept outside planning projects, but I believe I need to show a presence on the web to entice more clients. As for the makeup scene, I don’t know I got confused if I wanted to do makeup for other people, we’ll see.

Anyway, let us go ahead to another makeup review. I got this mascara recently when I went gaga with my high school girl friends when they asked me to teach them the basics. I had no plans of getting new stuff for myself (I have 3 new mascaras) but this one is on sale! Who can resist a good mascara for only P199, right?

Maybelline Hyper Curl


This would be my second Maybelline Mascara, the first one was the Maybelline Falsies (the one in the purple tube). The look and packaging of this mascara is similar to the others except that it is shiny, black, with pink and silver accent; the overall vibe is sophisticated.

Hyper curl



Get natural looking, curled lashes with 18-hour curl protection.

Our patented formula gives you a 75-degree curl in an instant — waterproof and lasts for 18 hours.

Maybelline Mascara


The wand of this mascara is curved, which will give you the angle once you apply it to your lashes. I tried using it without curling my lashes, but I didn’t get the curl that I want, though it made my lashes looking thick and full.

Maybelline Hyper Curl MascaraNow on to the road test, I curled my lashes (bottom – middle – tip) to make a wide awake looking curl and applied my first coat.

What I noticed? 

  • It separates my lashes and instantly gave it a volume.
  • Using a zig-zag motion it will make the lashes thicker.
  • Extending the wand further the tip will give length.
  • Though looking straight into the camera my lashes don’t  look that curled.

The formulation is amazing, it dries fast enough for your second coat without giving you a spider lashes. The bottom lashes are happy too, though it doesn’t seem balanced on my photo.

It’s waterproof, but easy to remove using the right makeup remover. It is not rubbery and has no funny smell.

No doubt that Maybelline makes high quality mascara. It’s on my everyday kit now, I hope the price will stay P199 but I will pray that if I emptied the tube I will get the other one on sale.

What is your favorite Maybelline Mascara? Let me know.

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