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Here’s another hair product for ladies who had their hair digiperm like me. I am super fond this product because aside from great result it’s very affordable!!!

Php99.00 | Watsons

My boss was the one who told me about the product. So I checked out Watsons in Megamall and grabbed my bottle.

Funny story: I left my wallet at the office and found out about it at the cashier. I was so embarrassed! good thing my colleague was still in the office and asked her to bring the wallet to me.

Lesson learned: check your things before leaving.

Anyway, the product says:

and is made of…

This is what the product look like.

This is one white fluid that smells heavenly. It really smells like milk, it’s quite thick and a little amount goes a long way.

It doesn’t make my hair look like a steel wool. The curls are well defined and soft.

I actually emptied the product already because I used it everyday so my Php99.00 is good for one month, which is not bad right?

This product is really a repurchase to me. (but I have to consume the others, I currently using four products alternately, road testing them) 

The last time I checked the shelf contains three bottles only, I am wondering if they still have stocks when I come back. I should get two bottles next time.

My only comment here is the bottle, it looks like milk bottle (Selecta yogurt drink, to be exact) and there’s no stopper. So if you accidentally pour the bottle exaggeratedly all the products will come out.

So I suggest the manufacturer to have this in a pump bottle or at least put a stopper.

Here’s a photo of me where I used this product.

My technique is to scrunch my hair until it’s semi dry. Nice curls?

Expect a lot of styling products for curly hair here. hihi


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