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I notice that I only post fashion related blog when I am in an emergency. Well working in a small office doesn’t bother me to exert effort to be fashionable plus the fact that I travel three hours just to get here…. I go for comfort…

I get to browse online stores lately and I noticed a particular fashion invasion here in Asia – Korean Fashion. The influence is from the TV shows being aired in the Philippines.

Korean Fashion is very feminine and light. Since the climate there is cold they can layer clothing. When you look at them it seems that all clothes will look great in their body.

Their accessories and even the hair color give an edge to their outfit. Not to mention their facial feature and (almost) perfect physique.

Other Asian countries have followed the trend as well. Unfortunately, here in the Philippines the weather is a hindrance. Layering clothes are only suitable during the “ber” months but even so it is still humid and hot.

I believe that vendors buy these goodies in bulk and sell it for their profit. If you are really into fashion and you hoard clothes, shoes, bags, accessories might as well stick to wholesale fashion shopping .

And since we are talking about clothes, the outfit won’t be complete with accessories. If you have spare time and you know what you want when it comes to accessorizing your outfit. Why not go for wholesale accessories too?

Accessories doesn’t have to be placed on your body alone. Some accessories can be used in our home as well or they could be our personal belonging.

We all want to look fashionable but not all of us have can spend thousand of bucks just to be on trend. The last thing we could all do is to find a clothing company that will fit our budget but will deliver sensible fashion that’s irresistible.

By the way all my photos in this post today were from CleoCat Fashion Website. A former Ebay store based in Singapore since 2006 which already expanded on having their own website.

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