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If you are moving to a formerly leased spaced, it is imperative to have it deep cleaned even if the landlord did it themselves.

We recently moved to a condominium rented for a year and a half, vacated for a month before we decided to sign the lease contract.

Why do you need to deep clean it?

  • To remove the former renters “energy”. We even did a Feng Shui cleaning ritual just to cleanse the space.
  • To get rid of the dust mites – I have asthma if the place was empty for more than a month, it has accumulated dust that we need to remove.
  • To change the atmosphere – ever noticed that a clean house feels light and airy?
  • To kill germs especially on mattresses and sofa.

Why Busy Bee?

Since my goal is to get rid of bags of dust and bacteria, I chose a cleaning service that would cater to both.

Busy Bee is one of the top-rated cleaning services in the metro. They have the latest equipment to sanitize your home plus their cleaners are passionate (Like will not clean the house for the sake of work.)

Busy Bee Services

They have various services for every cleaning requirement to have.

  • Deep House Cleaning – from sweeping, brooming and vacuuming of floors, wiping off areas, mattress and sheet vacuuming, bathroom sanitation, aromatizing (a scent of your choice), and air purification to keep the dust mites away. This is best for cleaning of standalone houses, apartments, condos, commercial spaces, and different spaces.
  • Deep Dry Cleaning – This pampers your mattress & sofas. Keeping them clean, dry vacuumed and scented all the time. Savour the comfort after our vacuum has done the job of treating it with the most delicate dry clean treatment.
  • Deep Shampooing – The process involves detailing and thorough process of vacuuming using high suction guns to absorb the stains and odours within each cloth and linen. It will take 1-2 hours of curing, treating and cleaning with several passes from our Rainbow machine. After the procedure, we will leave your item 80-90% dry ensuring formula and shampoo settles in the body of your item.
  • Post-Construction Cleaning – Post construction cleaning services usually include a wide scope of cleaning tasks. Cleaning tasks can range from a general dusting to the removal and disposal of left dirt and residue from construction including the following:
  • Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleaning – Best for killing germs and bacteria within the area. Bacteria which can cause you flu, asthma and allergies. It also takes away the foul odour and smell. The fumigation/curing takes an average of 15 minutes per car and about 20 minutes per standard size bedroom.

The Busy Bee Process

So when you book (I booked them thru Instagram) they’ll send the following questions:

  • Location
  • Size of the house/unit
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of matresses
  • Number of carpets/sofa
  • Number of windows

After answering the question they will send a quotation. It usually starts at Php 1,599 but ours reach around Php 3,000 because of the factors above.

Then you will need to pay 50% downpayment so they can confirm your booking. You will need to book at least a week because they are always fully booked. If you cancel or rebook there is also a fee, which is understandable because they pay their cleaners.

My Busy Bee Experience

I was actually paranoid because I was not in our unit when I had the service. I left the cleaning supervision to hubby. When I arrived it smells powder fresh all the spider webs were gone.

It feels home. Right after the deep cleaning, we started moving in our stuff and spend the first night in our new place.

Which cleaning services do you hire to clean your place?

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