My 2018 Roundabout

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I grabbed my planner to browse my whereabouts this year. I read my 2017 year-ender post and reflected how my year went. It was full of events and learnings.

This post is inspired by my former full stack developer Liam whom I found out after reading his blog is an excellent writer.

Getting some light

I am still in denial about what happened to me before 2017 ended. I wasn’t so sure how my loved ones will react and if they will support me. My first move was to talk to my college best friend, then my husband, then a high school friend.

The video made by Bianca Gonzales helped me a lot. It is true that you can shake it off, but believe me when it will just visit you out of nowhere and you will feel that emptiness once again.

Cutting Ties

I would say my circle of friends became even smaller. I am sure my close friends won’t exceed 20 people. Most of them are acquired friends from my husband’s circle.

High school friends – I am connected to less than five. College maybe around six; work same number.

I once read that as we grow older we don’t really change, we just become who we really are. The people who are in and out of our lives are there for a reason.

Sh*t happens and I guess that is for the best.

Forced Career

The company was never great but I met great people.

In 2017, I gave up my corporate job. In continued to 2018 but the finances aren’t helping the unpaid bills we accumulated over the years. This year we also learned some major crisis that both of our families are undergoing.

My mom was diagnosed with meningioma and my father-in-law lost his job. I needed a job, a stable one. I then received a call from my blog bff about a startup she joined. She invited me to be part of it only to know that it was a nightmare.

This job cut ties with people who used to be so close to me. The salary is right it could pay our bills. My title is over the top too. It didn’t work out because alongside the pay grade and prestige of my position, the owner of the company didn’t have the confidence in me to push the company higher.

Or maybe it was forced because even though I have the skills I didn’t the have gut.

Getting up

Fullsizeoutput 5d
My debut working as a legit freelancer.

I decided to leave the company because it doesn’t let me sleep every night. I know I am not the pessimistic person I am getting. Surprisingly the universe is cooking something for me. I received a chat message from my high school classmate and she said her best friend from in Sydney is looking for a marketing person.

I met the COO of a conference company, and I got in. It blessed my official work-from-home life. Months after I joined a success squad – an accountability group with excellent mentors – Nina and Ann. They gave me directions and clarity to boost my freelance/entrepreneur career.

Soon after, I landed another client – a fintech focusing on financial literacy.

It’s hard to juggle to clients and passion projects on the side. I am not complaining because finally what I looked forward to a year ago is finally happening.

For next year

Fullsizeoutput 11b
I got to travel too this year, life is awesome.

Books and Pinterest tips are useless if I will not take actions. 2019 is exciting and I am hopeful that with determination, consistency, and goal-getter attitude, the year will prepare me for my victory year, 2020.

As human success is divided into three (as I learned from my friend Josh) – (1) Your destiny (2) The Earth’s energy and (3) your will and actions; I am pretty sure that all of us somewhere in our timeline, we will find this success.

I am quoting my husband for this, just like in makeup and skin care products, what works for me may not work for others. Stop worrying, comparing, and forcing, our timing will soon follow our jive.

This has been so quick but I am ready to write the next chapter.

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