My Favorite Sanitary Pad: Kotex Luxe

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In all things, one product works well with me and for some NOT. When it comes to sanitary pads though many are promoted and commercialize I stick to a product that delivered best result for me. Unless it’s new in the market and my curiosity strikes. 

My favorite pad is this Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Design Pads which was launched one or two years ago. My personal preferences for pads are thin, firm, and with wings.

I am a fan of Kotex and I am always on their website to interact with other girls. I am using Kotex even before they launched this Luxe Line.

Regular pads without wings always end up crumpled on my undies and leave me with stains.

This product came out in tin cans.


I purchased it immediately because I can use the container for other things.

Now it’s in plastic pouch.

If I am not mistaken it costs Php39.75 per pouch of six pads.

I tend to have rashes, similar to babies’ diaper rash if I do not use this pad.

It’s individually wrap in purple, orange, and hot pink but you cannot see what color is the wrapper and it’s not indicated in the packaging. I always want to get purple but I got orange this month.

It’s printed with cute butterflies but don’t you worry because it’s not harmful. And it’s adhesive is embedded with the wrapper so when you open it, it is easily detached.

You can use the empty wrapper to dispose the used pad.

My Final Comments and Verdicts

( + ) The pad absorbs the liquid quickly so you’ll not worry about stains.

( + ) It feels dry. You will not notice that the pad is almost full.

( + ) It has wings.

( + ) It’s thin. It fits my panties perfectly.

( + ) It does not give me rashes

( – ) Most of the time it is out of stock.

I recommend this for ladies whose period is light like me. For heavy periods you may want to try thicker and longer pads.

By the way, this also available in Ultra Thin Overnight which is also two thumbs up for me.

Visit their Facebook here to know more about their products. 

So there’s my all time favorite and trusted sanitary pad. What’s yours?

Happy Sunday everyone!

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