My life learnings from Hotel del Luna (K-Drama)

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I rarely binge watch any TV series because I tend to finish them all in one sitting. It doesn’t sound right because I have work to do every day. If you have not slept well, you cannot function correctly during the day.

Watching is a temptation I cannot resist, especially if I am hooked by the plot twists of any series. If I have control, I will limit myself to one episode per day and savour each one. 

We started it on a Saturday and finished it after three days. Yes, we were awake until sunrise. 

About Hotel del Luna

The series was about Jang Man-wol who got tied on a Moon Tree by the Deity. She became the owner of a hotel that caters to the dead. She had deep grudges towards her past and wished to revenge until she met Koo Chang-sun and fell in love.

It has 16 episodes in total running around an hour per episode. Of course, K dramas are fast-paced so would always want to watch the next event right away.

I would say its plot is similar to Goblin. It was slightly a tear-jerker if you hate goodbyes, but I learned life lessons that I would want to apply in my life.

1. Let go of your grudges and forgive yourself

Some of the ghosts in the series cannot leave the living world because they seek revenge. Later on, they realized that seeing the person who did you wrong will not resolve the grudges you feel within you.

In real life, forgiveness takes time, but you have to deal with it and empty your heart out. No matter how much the other person has hurt you, by forgiving them, you released them from the walls of your grudges. And eventually releasing yourself too.

If you are the reason for someone else’s grudge. Give that person a time to heal. Don’t force it because if they are not yet ready to forgive, you will not release each other completely.  

2. Learn how to listen

Every story has its own version. Your perception might not be the correct or the real one because you’ve boxed yourself to believe an angle that you only want to understand. Every eye has its own interpretation of reality. 

People may say some excuses, but those excuses can make you feel a little better to let them go. 

By listening, you give your brain time to process what is just, and you will be able to asses your response towards the situation. 

3. Love unconditionally

It’s a life long lesson we want to teach ourselves. In our lifetime, we often regret losing someone because we never told them how much they mean to us. In this series, I saw the outcome of loving unconditionally to the extent of sacrificing one’s happiness to free the other person.

Will we ever reach a moment where we will choose someone else over ourselves? I wonder how it is going to be. 

4. Cry it out

When you feel like crying, just let it all out. It is not a sign of weakness they say, but an event to clear your vision and see through things in a different perspective.

I am a cry baby, and I always burst into tears whenever I am mad or frustrated. Even if I know crying is good for us sometimes, I want to practice not cry when I don’t get what I want. 

5. Help a friend

I’ve seen loyalty and value of friendship in this series. This made me wish to have someone who would always have my back in times of trials. 

Since we have moved places a lot growing, I never had someone to call as a best friend. All the people I came to know as I grew up were just people passing by. 

I am happy to note that today I have a few people that I can trust and run to if I need them. 

6. Death is beautiful

I have always tell myself and others that dying means you have fulfilled your mission here on Earth. Whenever there is someone who passed away, even someone close to me, I don’t get sad. 

I just know that they are going to a better place. I thought they will find it hard to leave the living world entirely if they are worried about the people they left behind. 

Even if it is fictional thought to hope that there is a place waiting for us after we die. The possibility of existing again through reincarnation gives us a little reassurance that we’ll be somewhat okay. 

By letting go… 

Whether it is a thing, a feeling, a pet, or a person we love; letting go teaches us to take care of these things while we are on it. Everything is just passing by, and each of us has our own quests to undertake. 

With this, I say, thank you for crossing my path. I hope this intersection of our lives gave you a little light to see the way where you need to be heading. 

Be grateful. 


Watch Hotel del Luna because it’s cute.. lol 

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