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Hey everyone,

If there’s a specific makeup I am addicted to, it would be lip products. I do not know I am an impulsive buyer when it comes to lip products – balms, gloss, color… name it!

So today (tonight) I am sharing my lip balms.


Here are my current collection. I have thrown several of them already, some were consumed others were thrown away. I keep on buying them for the main reason that I like the packaging and the flavor.

So let’s take quick tour. Winking smile

1. Watsons moisturizing lip balm, menthol scented – Php 49.00


I bought this one because it’s menthol. I am a sucker for mint and I read that mint can plump the lips. hahaha

2. Zenzest Lip Balm, Strawberry Flavor – Php 60.00


I bought this because it’s cute and the flavor is so yummy. A little different from the typical strawberry Lip Balms.

3. Revlon Mix & Mingle – Php 80.00


I do not know if this could be considered as balm but it has a shiny finish. I bought this because I was swayed. Revlon was having a clearance sale and when I learned that it is just 80 pesos I immediately said “I am getting that too”. Too bad it doesn’t have flavor that is why I do not enjoy putting this to my lips.

It should be tasty, right?

4. Precious Beauty Fruit Lip Balm – HK$ 6.00


I got this from Sasa last year when I went to Hong Kong for a business trip. Sasa is my favorite place. It is like Watsons here. I was buying pasalubong  for my colleagues and came across this product. It is so cute (and cheap I guess) so I bought it.

5. Avon Simply Pretty Lip Balm – Free


My dad is working in Avon so I have lots of Avon cosmetics. It tastes like tiger balm Open-mouthed smilebut it glides so smoothly on your lips. It is perfect to apply before a matte lipstick for smoother glide.

(I just found out that “Thrifted” is not in the English dictionary using the word thrift as a verb is considered as slang. So I used the word free instead)

6. Avon Simply Pretty Flavors Savers Lip Balm, Cherry – Free


Again I got this from my dad Smile

7. Myra Lip Balm Vita Moisture


I am quite sad about this product because I do not like the flavor. I thought they only have Cherry but then when I purchased this one and give it try… It’s vanilla Crying faceI hate vanilla.

I do not know why I am still keeping this, I think I should just give this to my sister.

So there…. My lip balms….

By the way I have owned Chapticks and Nivea Lip Balms. SmileI want to try Carmex and Blistex in the future.

What lip balm you use?


Tell me what makeup do you own the most or the one you buy a lot? Let me know in the comments below.



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