My New Hair: Digiperm Experience at Envy Me Salon

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If you will remember my post about my Digiperm plans (read it here) and last February 6 my changed of hair happened.

To be honest I took a half day off to work because the salon’s schedule during weekends is hectic. I am not used to Robinson’s Galleria, the east wing and west wing is confusing for me.

I was worrying because if I arrived late they might cancel my reservation.

A huge space welcomed me when I entered. According to Buddy, owner of the salon the place is 180 square meters and this branch is operating for nine months already. The original salon in Davao is already ten years old.

They are the one who brought the original Brazilian Blowout too.

They have this sticker in every mirror. Free Wi-Fi so you can follow their social media sites. Wi-Fi facility is great especially if you will spend like five hours in the salon.

They also have complimentary drinks, coffee, water, and iced tea.

Josh, senior colorist, checked my hair and advised to ditch the highlight part. Although I am hesitant to forget the highlight the curls will look good with color. He said I should not risk my hair for the sake of coloring.

So they started the treatment.


This is the curling lotion and they left it for 30 minutes then rinse it.

I cannot remember why my hair was wrapped but just to show you above is my lazy office look.

After rinsing the first product they started to wind my hair.

After winding they connected it to the machine.

My neck almost died. They set it to 160 degree Celsius for 3 hours. Whoa!

After so they let the rods cool down and put neutralizer.

Rinse again.

Then they put the cellophane treatment for 15 minutes.

After that they styled my hair.

Oooh big curls!! 

I was advised not to wash my hair for two.

I had a little chitchat with the owner and I took some photos around the salon.

My whole digiperm experience is great. After almost three weeks, my curls depend on the product I put and the amount.

The curl is well defined if I applied generous amount of product but it looks frizzy when not.

Josh is indeed right curls are harder to maintain. Then again I chose this hairstyle and I am pretty sure it will test my patience.

Thank you Envy Me Salon for being so accommodating.

Envy Me Salon is located at 3rd floor West Wing, Robinson’s Galleria



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