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Bella Beauty BronzerI am making a change when it comes to taking photos of products because I got a comment where my photos have different backgrounds all the time and it doesn’t look good. I shoot on my bed and pillows so that’s you will see. And for additional cute graphics as much as I want to I don’t have time to edit them and put decorations. Thank you for pointing that out though and I will make adjustments.


Here’s a collection item cosmetic I got from Eden Fantasys a week ago.  

Look like you are on a holiday…everyday! Blend the colors of Bella’s oversized beauty bronzer and apply over face and body to create a natural, healthy goddess glow.

Net Wt. 37.31 grams / 1.316 ounce

US$ 22.00 | Online –

This is really an oversized bronzer.  


I believe it will last me a lifetime or I can fake a tan all over my body because of its size. It is also come with a shimmery safari stripes that makes it look more attractive.

The packaging is sleek and straightforward, it’s like “hey I am a huge bronzer, get it? yes. bye” hahaha

It doesn’t feel flimsy which is a good thing and the color is just right for my skin tone.  
  It’s a great gift for girls who likes fancy looking cosmetics.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that the safari stripes is just a top layer.  

When I tested it the stripes just went away. So upon using it you’ll end up having a chocolate brown bronzer.

Though it’s too powdery/chalky, it has good color pay off which is really good if you are faking tan.

 A friend of mine who owns this also wants me to do a demo/tutorial on how to use it so I guess I will put another video idea on queue unless someone give me a tripod and I could shoot.

I shall show you how would this product look on my face.

Too cute eh?



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