My Shu Uemura Chocolat-Donna Makeup Workshop Experience

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Yesterday I wrote about that I am going to attend this free workshop courtesy of Shu Uemura. I ran a bit late because I updated my Facebook Page and showed you my Classic Smokey eyes request by Klang (BF’s friend GF), but Klang I will blog about it on Wednesday, please? (I am more comfortable blogging the the office).

Here’ the finish product of the workshop.


The workshop was conducted by Patrick Alcober, Shu Uemura makeup artist. His model was Colline, one of the attendees who looks like Tweety De Leon and Wendy Valdez at the same time. She’s a great model because of her face shape, prominent cheek bone and perfect nose. Even her skin color is great to work with.

Let’s start.

“Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin”

So Patrick started with Skin Care.

  1. Cleanse
  2. Hydrate
  3. Treat
  4. Nourish
  5. Protect (Sunblock)

I was surprise to found out that Shu Uemura started with Cleansing Oil though Mr. Shu was a makeup artist.

He explained that no matter how good or expensive your makeup is if you skin is not good the makeup useless.

I was thinking that with the weather we have in the Philippines (and I sweat a lot) piling a lot of products in the morning will feel icky throughout the day.

Makeup Routine

Even if we put skin care products on our face we should still not skip PRIMER, he insisted. Primer make the foundation last longer.

He applied the FOUNDATION in downward motion following the hair direction. He used a dry brush technique here. What’s left in the brush goes to the neck.

There are a lot of foundation in the market and it’s up to you and to your skin needs on what foundation to buy.

If you already know it, you can experiment.


For acidic (like me) opt to a foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin tone.

Use dab and buff technique, as much as possible conceal the problem areas using the foundation, so you skip concealer.

Choose brush instead of sponge, because sponge absorbs more product, it’s a waste.

When setting the foundation you use – Loose Powder, Pressed Powder, Powder Foundation; but use a puff first and press onto skin gently. If you swipe the puff it will remove the foundation.

You can dust off the excess powder afterwards.


Another surprise is that he started with lips. Shu Uemura has Seven Signature Strokes in applying the lipstick.

It’s like the coloring principle, line the edges and fill in the gaps. Since he used Brick Red lipstick for Colline, Precise application should be considered when using Vivid Lip Colors.


This is the palette he used for Colline, Raspberry & Mocha Palette.

It’s a very versatile palette, you can use it for Day and Night Time look.


For the day time look, he used one color only, it’s the beige color in the palette.

He emphasized that there should be ONE focal point when applying makeup. AVOID JOKER FACE ladies, please. (I have been seeing Facebook DP who does this makeup mortal sin).

If you have LOUD lips then tame the eyes, define the brows and apply a little blush.

If you have SMOKEY EYES, tame the lips, define the brows, and contour the cheeks.

I know we all want to use our makeup, less is more and balance is the key.

He lined the eyes using the darkest shade in the palette and applied a lengthening mascara.


If you have long lashes, choose Volumizing Mascara

If you have short lashes, choose Lengthening Mascara

If you are obsess with both, choose mascara that caters with both needs.

You can have smudge proof and waterproof too. 


That’s it for the day time look. (Colline is very pretty isn’t it?)

As for the night time look, he removed the lipstick first and replaced it with beige lip color, then gloss.

He added the purple, dark brown, and black in her outer V and crease (eye socket).

Blend, blend, blend,

He added another coat of Mascara and cheek color.



If you want a softer look, define your brows using a pencil/powder that is one shade lighter than your hair color.

If your hair is color-treated, some salons offer to color the brows too. Ask your colorist.

If you are born with perfect eyebrows, skip pencil/powder, instead use a tinted brow gel/mascara.

Patrick added that applying makeup depends on your mood, personality, attitude, and the trend.

As long as you can pull off the look it’s okay.

I hope you learned a lot as much as I do. Looking forward to attend events like this to share with you.

How’s my jotting-down-notes skill? LOL


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