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Belle La Peau - SM North Edsa, The Annex

Belle La Peau – SM North Edsa, The Annex

I have this attitude that if I did not carry out my agenda of the day I tend to look for another thing to fulfill. I was supposed to have my nails done, but all nail salon refused to entertain me because it was 8pm already. Despite the fact that malls will close at midnight, their salon was closed for a spa party.

So I walked around and check even facial salons to see if they offer mani and pedi. I failed. Then I saw Belle La Peau (Bel-la-poo),why not have a wax instead. I asked if they still entertain customers, luckily they were. Belle La Peau is a French phrase which means “Beautiful Skin”.

Their packages seem interesting and I chose the Upper Lip + Whole Leg + Brazilian (P999). The package is really affordable.

Belle La Peau_SM NorthEdsa

The place looks vintage as it has chandeliers as accent and pink roses. Since it was Christmas season when I visited, the decoration is festive.

If I am not mistaken, they only have six cubicles divided by plywood and has curtains as doors.

The cubicle is a bit small but it has cabinets for your stuff.

I forgot to check if they have comfort room if you wish to wash your vajayjay before the session but they offered me wipes.

The Service
This would be the second wax salon that offered me a hot wax, clay wax. To my surprise they offer different kind of wax on different parts of the body.

belle la peau


La Parfait Cire Bleue (perfect blue) for coarse, thick hair.

La Parfait Cire Parfum (Perfect Scent Orange) an aromatherapy wax with a scent of rose perfect for clients who wax regularly, suitable for short hair, face hair, and nose waxing.

La Partaite Cire Rose (Perfect Pink) formulated with titanium oxide perfect for ingrown hair or recently shaved hair.

La Parfait Core De Riz (Rice Wax Green) formulated in Japan, this rice wax is suitable to long fine hair including Brazilian.

They don’t use cloth to pull away the hair. Instead while waiting to dry a wooden spatula is user to check if the wax has dry and then…. Argghhh the waxer pulled it.

Since I have high tolerance in pain I don’t guarantee that you will not feel pain especially if you are going to try it for the first time.

Their procedure is faster, for less than an hour all my unwanted hair was removed.

They also offer a Brazilian mask to whiten the bikini/vagina area.

The only comment that I have is they didn’t have a lamp shade inside the cubicle. If you have fine hair they won’t see it in under ceiling bulbs. Unlike other wax salons, they also don’t tweeze remaining hair.

I noticed some at the back of my legs. And the butt hole is not included in the Brazilian which gave me an awkward feeling because everything is hairless and you will feel a chunk of hair there.

Other wax salons remove it. I hope next time Belle La Peau would.

Overall, the color coded wax is a thumbs up, the staff are friendly, and the place looks nice.

Belle La Peau

I will give this place 4/5 rating.


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Located at L/GF SM North Edsa, The Annex

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