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I will kill my camera for this depth of field issue. *sigh*

Just a quick Sunday post, I am sharing my current hygiene wash. I became random in picking products as I want to try them and feature it here. Some will be posted, some, well a waste of money.

I learned that as we age, we have different feminine hygiene needs, for women like me, age ranges from 18 and above, the conceiving age, we need reliable protection.  Not just from odors, but from infections too.

With all other feminine wash I’ve tried, I notice that they clean too much, and if it’s too dry down there it feels irritated.

With naFlora for a month, I like the feeling, no smell, perfect for everyday use, it gives the “flora” a time to breathe while being clean.


naFlora protect is a feminine hygiene wash specially formulated to help maintain and protect the natural flora. It has antimicrobial acid and teas tree extract to help prevent vaginal irritations and infections.

*Pour a small amount on palm. Lather and apply to intimate area. Rinse thoroughly.

*Use daily to protect against bad bacteria and fungi and to help prevent vaginal irritations and infections

*If symptoms persists consult a doctor.

It’s sad that I didn’t find it in Watsons the other day. I guess I should try other stores.

Who among you tried this? You should.

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