New Book release by founder of Collaboration Nation Danielle James: ‘Collaboration is where IT’s at’


Author exposes major gap in IT vendors’ strategy arsenal

SYDNEY, May 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Danielle James, founder of Collaboration Nation, a business consultancy specialising in IT industry partnerships, released the first of its kind business book about creating the best IT strategic alliances to increase customer satisfaction and revenue. Read the testimonials here:

The book, titled ‘Collaboration is where IT’s at‘ sets the first global best practice guidelines, capturing the attention of respected industry leaders at PwC, Deloitte and Wipro. Written by Danielle James, an industry veteran, the book is targeted at IT vendor CEOs, sales and alliance professionals.

  • A new book establishes global best practice, for the very first time, for a specific type of alliance in the IT industry
  • This is the first time this knowledge has been shared across the IT industry
  • IT vendor execs know that alliances are important but few know much about them

Partner management in IT has its history in reseller relationships, whereas this book is about a more recent type of partnership: alliances between IT vendors and global systems integrators (GSIs) such as Accenture and TCS. With the rapid growth of best-of-breed IT products, vendors are investing more in alliances as a cornerstone strategy to expand their market reach, improve brand recognition and gain access to the C-suite.

Comment from Phillip Ratcliff, Director, PwC

"Danielle is an expert in her field, with a wealth of knowledge and demonstrated experience in navigating the complex strategic alliances domain. This is the first book of its kind and is a must read to prepare those who are thinking of entering the industry, as well as a refresher with numerous new perspectives for those who are already established."

About Collaboration Nation

Collaboration Nation is a business consultancy specialising in IT industry partnerships. Founder, Danielle James, recognised a need within the IT vendor community to help build more successful strategic alliances between IT vendors and GSIs. Collaboration Nation helps companies master the art of collaboration via training, coaching and facilitation services. 

About the author

Danielle James is an entrepreneurial big-picture thinker with over 20 years IT industry experience and the founder of Collaboration Nation. She has held management positions in APAC for IBM, Oracle and Infor, and in 1997 co-created and launched a decision support software product.

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