New Hair Cut: Geometrical Bob by David’s Salon

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I’ve always wear my hair straight, medium length and colored. Last year, I tried digital perm, the curl lasted for a year and I became lazy.

I’ve always struggle on what hair to wear because my family meddles with my hair do. My mom, dad, and boyfriend wants my hair long. It is more girly (and smexy).

Bed hair has been my style, but since I am turning 25 on the 17th; I wanted to chop off all bad memories I had with my hair.

I went to David’s Salon. They have the reputation of cutting your hair based on its texture and will honestly recommend the right treatment.

I told the stylist that I want to change my look. She said my hair have layers and the only way to change my look is to cut it short. She also recommended an intensive treatment, Kerastase.


She asked me one more time if I am sure with my decision and I said yes.

The Result



I am not sure if my moon face can adapt with the new cut, but I am loving it.

I tried it a little messy and so far, so good.


Now they call me Velma and Dora. *laughs*

What do you think? Do you also have haircut tradition like me?

Comment below.

Thank you David’s Salon Trinoma.


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