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When I hit the pan of my current hair styling products (Rizo’s and Monea), I realized that a digiperm hair is difficult and expensive to maintain.

Aside from that, it had added another hour in my morning routine because if I don’t give time I will look like a crazy lady who jump out of the bed and head to work.

I am currently using my White Rain mousse I got years ago (two years to be exact). Thankfully it is not expired yet. Hahaha

So I went to the mall and look for cheaper alternatives.


I am just learning now about the mousse’s staying power compare to creams. Styling creams tend to give me an oily scalp and hair through out the day; while mousse hold the curls better and give a natural look.

The item on the left is the Professional Touch Salon Styling Mousse it is cheaper than the Suave (Php295) and Finesse (Php329) beside it. Since those two were popular I wanted to give this brand a shot.

The item on the right is the Lucidol-L Hair Supplement it is expensive. I wonder why. It is placed near the exclusives and it has other variants for other hair types. It says that it is made from Japan. It also promises the hair to become more beautiful with continued use.


I like my hair style now and as I’ve said I want to keep it this way.

I am going to use this alternately and see what works best.

Please stay tuned for the review.

Have a great night!


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