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It’s ironic for an asthmatic person like me to feature perfumes. Most of my perfumes are gifts, if I can remember, I started with cologne. As I grow older I started using perfumes depending on the occasion. When I say occasion, it varies from my everyday wear to a black tie event.

Some of my favorites are BVLGARI Bright Crystal, LACOSTE Touch of Pink, THE BODY SHOP White Musk, and Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path. You can tell my taste for fragrance from the brands I have mentioned.

My preferred smell is somewhere between cottony and musky, never fruity. I do not know, but I never liked any fruity scent for me. I guess I am older than my real age to despise fruity cologne and perfume.

For my husband, I like Hugo Boss on him all other smell, I don’t find it handsome anymore. LOL

Let us talk about JFK Fragrances

Good friends from JFK sent me their pioneer line up to test. I should admit I was nervous to receive perfumes I never tested. I am afraid I won’t be able to like the smell and just display it. Luckily, I loved them all.

JFK Fragrance is a new line of perfume here in the PH inspired by our favorite American fragrances. JFK fragrances are sourced from France, how cool is that?

If you are wondering why it is called JFK, JFK Fragrances is the celebration of the late John F. Kennedy. Since they have a line for women, it is a celebration of her wife Jackie too.

All JFK fragrances are Eau de Parfum which has 20% essential oils. Unlike most popular brands in the market that are just Eau de toilette which has around 5-15% oils only – the reason why JFK fragrances last longer.

Now, the scents…

TUX (For Him) – Wood/Musk


This is perfect for formal occasions like a wedding or a business meeting. The smell depicts masculinity like if a guy wearing this perfume  and walks around you’ll say he is a man of authority or someone like Christian Grey. LOL

Unlike other scents this is not overpowering, the longer it stays on your skin/clothes the better the smell it produces. If I can recognize it, the smell reminds me of Hugo Boss.

From the looks of its bottle, you know you will use it for something special. It reminded me of a mini whiskey bottle because of the color plus the leather accent made it more handsome. If you get what I mean.

AQUA (For Him) – Oceanic


If you want a more wearable perfume everyday, then Aqua is the best one for you. The smell reminded me of Davidoff Cool Water – clean and sporty.

The color reminds me of a summer sky – clean and crisp. A guy wearing this perfume will make you think he just stepped out of the shower.

Enchante (For Her) Floral/Sweet


I have identified this scent to be the everyday scent for women. Inspired by Jo Malone, this smell reminds me of someone cheerful and outgoing.

The color is pink, indeed feminine and young. At first, I did not like the smell, it was too girly for me, but since I need to road test it, I still used it. I was surprise when I liked the smell after sometime. It became crisp and floral without being dizzy when I sniff it. It instantly became my everyday staple now because I want to save the next perfume which is Sophistique.

Sophistique (For Her) – Woody/Musk


This one is my favorite, the smell is inspired by Chanel No. 5. I can imagine Audrey Hepburn wearing this perfume. I smell empowerment, elegance, sophistication, charm, mystique. A woman wearing her pearls and her little black dress.

I used this when I went to a client meeting and I feel so confident.

Overall Verdict

I like how elegant the packaging is. The bottle is creative, it speaks for its smell. It can compete with the commercial perfume we know in the market. The introductory price is PHP 999 and they now sell on Facebook and Shopee.

I believe they will have distributors around the country to make it accessible for everyone or you will see them in the bazaars.

If you asked me about its quality, the scent lasted 6-8 hours on me. It stayed even longer at the back of my ears over 24 hours – before next day bath.

The smell develops as it dries. Depending on your skin chemistry, the smell will change. You must try a perfume before making it your signature scent.

The pioneer line is a thumbs up for a new venture like JFK. You can get your favorite fragrance at an affordable price. If you like to spray a lot of perfume, having a go to brand can save you money.

Each bottle by the way is 60 ml and each spray gives you more than ample amount to make you smell good.

I hope they will come up with other fragrances and products to layer the smell even more – after shave balm or a lotion.

  • Packaging
  • Longevity
  • Concentration
  • Price

Top 5 tips to have long-lasting fragrance:

  1. Rub petroleum jelly on your pulse point before spraying the perfume. This will make the smell stick to your skin better.
  2. Apply perfume right after you take a bath and before you get dressed. The moisture of your newly bathe skin will lock in the scent plus it won’t stain your clothes.
  3. Don’t rub your wrist together after applying the perfume. It will make the top note’s smell fade faster.
  4. Target your pulse points when applying perfume – wrist, neck, inside the elbows, behind the knee, your midriff, and your ankles.
  5. For a lighter scent, spray perfume on air and walk over the mist.

There you have it friends, an affordable yet long-lasting perfume for everyone. If you have asthma like me better keep it to a minimum or use for really special occasions. Do not be a mad dog for perfume, trust me, you do not want to cough all night long.

Oh, by the way, they have an ongoing promo this Valentine’s Day. Go to their Facebook Page to know more.

The products are sent in exchange of a feature.
If you want to be a reseller, send them an email at







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