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I am an impulsive buyer lately but my eagerness to post good FOTD/Makeup Looks made me get another set of brushes. I am open of doing makeup to other people aside from my relatives, colleagues, and friends.

The one I got was from Props Tools and Cosmetics their 23 piece brush set.

It comes with this pink leatherette pouch and when you open it it will look like this…

Php1,190 | Available at

“The ultimate Pro Brush set. Made of top quality goat hair, complete with every brush that you will need.”

All of them were individually wrap in plastic and the face brushes has their own plastic protector as well.

First comment on this is the name and function of each brushes. Of course the brush can be used on whatever purpose you want but I prefer if it is labeled.

Let’s go the brushes.

Face Brushes – Large Powder Brush, Small Powder Brush, Angled Blush Brush

Fan brush (which is a little distorted, maybe because of storage)

Eye shadow brushes (I cannot identify each one of them)

Oops for the out of focus photo.

Why does my individual photo counts 25 pieces? LOL

They look like paint brushes you’ll see in bookstores.

So far all the synthetic brushes that are included in the set are very good. Unfortunately for the animal (goat) hairs they fall out after the first wash. I need to use and wash them carefully to prevent future fall out.

All of them are soft.

I noticed that majority of the brushes are for eyes simply because eye makeup can make and break a makeup look (after foundation, of course).

I am satisfied with my purchase and I am looking forward for my makeup bonding with this set.

Let’s do makeup??


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