New Year, New Photos

Me Time

Sharing my DIY Light/Photo Box that will help enhance the quality of my product shots. I’ve seen this from various blogs and decided to make on my own.

I used white cartolina so it reflects light beautifully. You shall expect good (at least for me) photos is the next coming post.

How to do it?

  1. Get an unused box and remove two sides of it.
  2. Then cover it with a paper of your choice. Cartolina is good because its available sizes are enough to cover a small box.
    1. You can also choose a fabric wrapper with designs so that you will have background variation.
  3. Secure everything with adhesive.
  4. Then test it.

I am happy with the photo results. It’s easier to edit the lighting and add cute elements.



By the way, I am uploading photos from Photobucket (extra work) so expect my instant update on my twitter, instagram, and Facebook Page especially for Face of the days.

I am so happy to be back.

Happy Wednesday.


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