NIVEA launches first Whitening Body Serum in the Philippines

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The promise of skin repair and protection in one potent formula.

Whitening Serum 200ml(Manila, Philippines) Over the years, the deep-rooted perception of having a fair skin tone has defined the norms of the Filipina beauty. But as a lifestyle and behavior evolve, women with fair-looking skin came to realize that no whitening product could effectively work, if the skin is not healthy. Their desires and needs have therefore shifted to make not just fair skin, but skin that is healthy and radiant-looking.

It is with a game-changing route that the world’s number 1 skincare brand, NIVEA, comes out with its newest innovation that will set the benchmark by going beyond fair skin. The first concentrated and potent body serum that addresses the top 3 skin concerns of Filipinas – skin whitening, skin protection, and most importantly, skin repair – while at the same time, effectively moisturizes the skin.

Now available in the market, the new NIVEA UV Whitening Body Serum is the first body serum that can repair sun-damaged skin, intensively whiten, and protect the skin from darkening, all in just 14 days. It is specifically developed for Asian skin, offering 95% pure Vitamin C that repairs deeply accumulated dull, and sun-damaged skin.

Our body serum is a revolutionary product for the skin; it is concentrated so it’s intensively absorbed and affects the deep layers of the skin to target specific problems,” shares Alex Schwieger, Country Manager, NIVEA Philippines. “It not only moisturizes, it rejuvenates, repairs, and restores your skin to its mint condition – and we promise to show results in 14 days.”

Unlike in regular whitening lotions, which are only developed to inhibit melanin production, the new NIVEA UV Whitening Body Serum has the ability to repair sun-damaged skin. Your skin may be fair but the damage manifests in leathery skin texture, spot discoloration, fine lines due to premature aging, red and itchy blotches, and scaly and unsightly peeling skin. And the body serum targets these problems, and repairs them.

Intensive whitening is another property that the serum sets to fulfill. With its all-natural Vitamin C ingredient from Camu Camu fruit, which gives 50x more whitening power than lemon extract, regular use of this product can result to a fair and an even skin tone all over, in just 14 days.

While it whitens and repairs your skin, this new body serum has SPF25, which is perfect for daily use to effectively protect the skin from further sun damage, premature skin aging, and prevents it from darkening even with frequent sun exposure.

Responding to a lot of Filipina skin woes in one powerful bottle, the NIVEA UV Whitening Body Serum aims to even out dark spots and remove blemishes, all while it whitens and protects your skin. More so, NIVEA’s proprietary Hydra IQ technology is also infused in the serum to make sure optimum moisture supply and distribution from within and for over 24 hours – leaving the skin soft, smooth and supple all over.


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