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If I have FOTDs from the past >>read post here<< I definitely have NOTDs from the past.

I used to be nail salon addict, it’s like I am having my nails done every two weeks. Due to financial constraints I need to slash down my regular trip to the salon. Beside le bf is not a fan of my neon green polishes. (I love eye catching nail polishes and nail art)

I can clean my own nails but I am not really talented in putting nail polish. I get frustrated every time there’s an uneven application.

I even got myself a nail art machine but using it was such an epic fail. Now it’s inside the box looking for someone who will use it more often than I do.

Now I only get my nails done if I will be attending special occasions. There’s no nail salon near our area, I need to go to SM Calamba to look for a decent salon.

Yesterday, GirlStuff forever sent me these.


It’s like my love for nail polish rekindled in just a sec. Since my sister is good at this I will let her paint my nails.

I am so excited to showcase them all to you. I shall make a separate introduction about GirlStuff early next week so you will see.

Meanwhile I grabbed some old photos of my nails.


Any purple and platinum catches my eyes. I like having neat nails for work. If I am not mistaken this was done at Nail-a-holics in SM Megamall.


If I am feeling a little edgy I ask the manicurist to do some nail art. Here she made me a tiger stripes. She used Touch of Tan here by Caronia and then a random black polish.


When I wore this nails all the people in our meeting got distracted. They told me that I have cute nails. haha



I had my nails done and I wanted to try the nail art machine I bought, but the polish included in the machine was too rubbery. So I ended up doing some random designs on my nails – abstract is the right word. I am also testing the Aperture setting of my camera that time.


Much worst, I paired it with cracked nails for my toes. haha


The reason I don’t wear much nail polish now is because they chip off easily.  Sad smile


I was afraid to wear this pussy red nails because I thought it will make my hands darker than its original skin tone but it looked good.


And for my most recent nails, March 16, 2013 I played safe by using a matte metallic polish.

I am happy that I have taken a photograph of my nails. Now I am thinking if I will do this again, I really can’t do it on my own hands. LOL

I salute all the girls like Aya of for doing a wonderful job for their nails.

Who does your nails? Do you suck at DIY manicures like me?


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