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Thank you, Novuskin Lift.

Down to the last pack of my Novuskin Lift journey. Read my posts here to know more about the product:

My first-month post described my body’s first reaction to the product. I can compare it because I have taken two other dietary supplements that I have to stop after taking it for three consecutive days. (1) Milk Thistle supplement its antioxidant properties made me dizzy upon taking it and my urine smell was too strong; (2) Glutathione I also felt dizzy, but this one right away.

As much as possible, we want to promote healthy eating, but since some produce is not available, supplements are made to cover the lacking nutrients we need.

Always ask your doctor before anything else.

My second-month post tackled the ingredients found in Novuskin Lift. The most are plant-based and all of them are beneficial to women’s body. I am sure most of us will really not be able to consume the nutrients mentioned.

Prioritize Health

We do not want to wait for serious illness before we start focusing on our health. It is easier said than done especially on my end cause it’s four in the morning while I type this. I really need to correct my sleeping habit.

List your goal and find a solid motivation. Find something long-term like disease prevention, overall wellness, not just losing weight for summer.

My health goal is to discuss hidden issues so my brain could finally signal my ovaries “Hey, she is healthy now, she could bear a child”. It’s really hard, I cannot emphasize how important our health is.

If only I am aware years before this child-bearing stage, I could have taken my health seriously.

It’s not too late to start again. Do not be too hard on yourself and ditch the goal if you cheat today. We make mistakes but be brave to get up next day and smash those goals.

An infographic for you…

Lastly, I want to thank Novuskin Lift fam for letting me benefit from their amazing formula. They sent me all three packs to experience the goodness of nutrition.

With that, I am industrious to reiterate some good old health tips that we can all follow to start our health journey.

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