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NYX became a love to brand here in the Philippines. Thankfully, they are now accessible. It’s my guilty pleasure to visit the store once in a while and check out their items.

(I am actually collecting the Soft Matte Lip Cream cause I am obsessed)

Since Brows are something I want to perfect, I wanted to try a new medium – Gel.

nyx brow gel_review_sam lanuza

price to be updated

It is packaged in a tiny transparent tube – handy. The lady in NYX suggested the chocolate shade, it is not too light or dark for my hair and skin tone.

Applying this could be a little tricky, you need a sturdy angled brush. You also need to apply it quickly because it dries fast. This is pigmented too, so don’t get too much, it is better to build product slowly rather than erase them.

What I like about this product, it’s easy to correct it. If I extended my brows too much it’s easy to erase. Given that, it doesn’t smudge throughout the day.


You accidentally wipe your sweat and pass over your brows. That’s a different story.

By the way, it is still easy to blend with a spooly so the outline + fill trick is doable here.

Below is my photo before hitting the gym using this product.

sam lanuza_nyx brow
What do you think? Promising right?

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