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my friend Kate asked me how did I made this…. Babe told me that I looked like a doll (amazing huh?)


The photo above was 6 hours already (no more concealer see?). I look like a laundry girl early that morning (said my boss)  so I decided to transform at night. Big Grin


Step 1: Moisturize

Step 2: Foundation. I used Revlon Photoready Foundation cause I know I will take a lot of pictures that night.

Step 3: Define your brows. I always use dark brown pencil for my brows, I used Covergirl Eyebrow Pencil here.

Step 4: I applied a pearly white cream eyeshadow as a base on my entire lid and brow bone,

Step 5: Powder Eyeshadow. I used Silver, Gray, and Dark Grey.

Step 6: Blend. Blend. Blend. | I created a shadowy winged also and I line my upper lash line super close to my lashes using a black silicon eyeliner.

Step 7: I used the silver eye shadow to line my lower lash line and my waterline with the black eyeliner.

Step 8: Mascara. Any mascara you want and Falsies. My falsies were from Saizen, It’s not a full eye lashes, it just accentuated the outer corner of my eyes.

Step 9:  Applied bronzer to contour my cheeks, pink blush-on, I contoured my nose too.

Step 10: I used my nude lipstick for this to compliment my dress.


There very simple. I am wearing my lenses cause I do not want to wear my glasses (that I am wearing now Nerd)

Here are the other photos….

Batting Eyelashes my dress was from @itsmechanna her graduation dress.


Hah! I haven’t blogged about my Cebu trip. haha


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